Thorq® karts


American Kart Company is convinced that Leisure karting will be done in the future with electric powered karts. The public opinion has changed. Environmental incriminating leisure activities is not accepted anymore. Running an E-karting track will be a larger return of investment. Electric powered karts has a wider range of potential customers.

THORQ-001-V_WEB          THORQ-019-A_WEB         THORQ-015-LA_WEB

Thorq® is an evolution in electric karting. With all knowledge and experience gained since 1995 of leisure karting with indoor and outdoor tracks, Thorq® is the role model of leisure karts. Thorq® is light, with standard sliding seat and pedals. Easy and safely to adjust from junior to senior drivers:

 Stoelverstelling_WEB – sliding seat system for easy adjustment –

Pedalen_WEB adjustable pedals sliding appr. 150 mm –

Thorq rolling chassis has the following standard specifications:

  • Chromemolybdeen steel chassis (increase in durability and stiffness)
  • Sliding seat and pedals (karts within seconds safe for junior or smaller drivers)
  • Roll over bar/anti whiplash support with 3-point safety belt (safety)
  • Tillett PE seat
  • Full wrap around HDPE bumper system completely mounted with rubbers to absorb impact energy
  • 40 mm chromemoly rear axle with 3 quick release bearing hangers (strong and light)

  Aandrijving_WEB – drive train with aluminium pulley –

  • Self-adjusting high quality brake system (less maintenance)
  • Aluminium floor tray
  • Full steering column with angled steering wheel boss (light steering, ergonomic correct)

 Spoorstang_WEB – high quality stub axle with exchangeable CrMo-steel axle –

  • Plastic track rods with steel ends and track rod protector (easy access in- and out of the kart without bending track rods)
  • Ergonomic styled knee protector with integrated LED and control switches
  • Racy nasa panel
  • Fully covering rear axle cover (for safety)
  • Customer made sticker kit

Thorq uses the following drive train:

  • 48 V high quality electric motor (small, light and lots of bottom power)
  • Zivan motor controller specially adapted for karting use, parameters adjustable by canbus system (for all conditions adjustable)
  • Specially designed black box system for wire-loom (easy maintenance)
  • Use of LED for indicator of battery and drive system (easy control of system)
  • anti brake-throttle system integrated (less maintenance)
  • remote control system with 3 adjustable speeds and complete stop (less staff needed to run your track, safety improvement)

Thorq uses a very special battery system:

LiFePo4 48 V 40 Ah battery system with unique Battery Management System.

EKC has 100% confidence in the Thorq® battery system and  gives a unique 5.000 cycle of 10 A or 2 year period guarantee!