The Edge


Electric Kart Company has innovated its own barrier system, called The Edge.

The Edge is manufactured through rotational molding, and is available in two sizes:

  • 60 centimetre for tight corners, appr. 7 Kg
  • 120 centimetre for normal corners and straights, appr. 12 Kg

_MG_1264  THORQ-8804_WEB

 TheEdge_vast  TheEdge_los (1)

The Edge is connected with ratchets or with Poly-ethylene (HDPE), see above pictures. It is also possible to fill the barriers with water or sand. The Edge is available in several colours. Best is having two different colours, so it is easy for the drivers to see the corners.

While the barriers are rotation moulded, it works like a cushion. The Edge barriers are strong, remains its shape and absorbs a lot of energy with impact. It works well for the karts, driver and marshals. Marshals can easily step on the barrier to bring themselves in a safe position if necessary.

The Edge is guaranteed for a period of three years. Ask EKC bv for its possibilities and restriction.


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Also EKC can make you drawings for the most ideal track lay out, see underneath track lay-out design.

PrtSc_DeUithofDef_1  1ste render_crop

Advantages with The Edge:

  • safe system, through absorbtion of energy
  • easy and fast to build or change for new lay out
  • less space needed compared to other systems
  • safe for kart/driver and marshall
  • clean system with hardly no maintenance
  • advertisement easy to install on barriers