New E-kart Centre Würzburg Germany with EKC

The 10th of September is the official opening of the latest E-karting track with products of EKC. The track with sensational first floor is designed and equipped with Thorq® karts, modified The Edge barrier system, Thorq® remote control, customised racing suits and state-of-the-art ZAPI chargers. The Thorq® karts have the latest 60 Ah LiFePo4 battery system. Also the karts have been delivered with head lights (latest LED technology) and a sensational Turbo Boost Button. With this Turbo Boost the karts have during 3 seconds per minute an extra power boost with extra RPM. In this way it is easy to overtake your competitor.

photo220140528_100056 Würzburg-09 Würzburg-10 Würzburg-11


EKC wishes the partners of E-Kart Centre Würburg a good start of their business!


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