First Thorq® karts out in Belgium

Electric Kart Company is proud to announce to have its first karts and materials out in Belgium. New Generation Motorsports (NGM-e-Park) has opened their combined karting and motorcross track with electric vehicles. The indoor motorcross is equipped with KTM motors and the semi indoor/outdoor karting track is with Thorq® karts. These karts are specially prepared for outdoor use and the first karts with the new battery system. Instead of 40 Ah this battery system is 60 Ah with the same weight (36Kg) and size. Thorq® is hereby the lightest electric kart in the market available with the unique LiFePo4 battery system. The system is modular build and would last up to 45 – 50 minutes driving time. Also the newly introduced ZAPI charger is being used for this fantastic sportive racing leisure centre. The ZAPI charger can be adjusted from 70 to 120 A charging current and be adapted to the need of the customer. With the highest current the charging time is approximately 20 minutes only.

Also EKC introduced their standard (green) colour for the chassis at NGM! The newly introduced timekeeper Innomeer (former Time Service) is introduced with its first project at NGM.






EKC wishes Caroline and David Delcampe great success with their fantastic outing!

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