We have experienced that many visitors of the website have the same line of questions. This is the reason for making the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions and answers:

Q) Why electric karting?

A) Electric karting is the way forward of running a leisure karting activity. It is environmental friendly, for a large audience acceptable, less running costs and easier to obtain the needed permits.

Q) What is the maximum driving time?

A) For a fast tarmac track our experience is that the battery pack runs out of power after about 35 minutes. This may vary depending on track lay-out, type of subsurface i.e tarmac or ice and adjusted maximum speed. Also the chosen gear ratio and type of motor will vary the driving time.

Q) How long do you need to charge the battery system?

A) If the battery is completely empty you would need approximately 20 – 25 minutes to fully recharge the system with a 70 A / 400 V charger.

Q) What are the weight and dimensions of Thorq®?

A) Length: 1700 mm / width: 1380 mm / height with roll over bar: 950 mm. The total weight with all options is approximately 155 Kg, the lightest electric leisure kart in the market!

Q) What are the running costs compared to combustion engine powered karts?

A) E-karts has the advantage that the efficiency of the drive system is about 90% compared to less than 40 % of the combustion type of engine. For indoors you do not need any ventilation system which normally needs about 100kW power. This means that you will safe about Euro 20,– per hour only for verntilation. Also for indoor use, you would need special fuel, which costs Euro 2,70 per litre. The 200 cc version engine needs 2 L/hour and 270 3 L/hour, while an electric kart needs Euro 0,60 per hour on electricity.

The electric powered karts needs less maintenance due to less rotating parts. Also the electric karts needs less braking power because regenerative braking is a standard feature. This feature returns about 20% of its power back in the battery system.

After a collision or a spin, the driver can drive backward using the Thorq® reverse gear. This will save you the costs for staff to help your customers on the track. On top of this, your staff can easily adjust the speed for the occasion with the Thorq® remote control system.

Q) Do we need to have special tools or equipment to run the E-karts?

A) Yes, you would need some special equipment to set the motor controller, finding errors and reading the battery conditions if necessary. Also the batteries need balancing after about 200 – 500 running hours.

Q) Does my mechanic need special tuition?

A) Your mechanic needs the basic skills of being a proper mechanic and needs an interest for electric applications in general. EKC can guide and give your mechanic the skills required to maintain your karts accordingly.

Q) Do I need legal permission to run E-karts?

A) This depends on your location. For sure it is a lot easier to get the right permits for E-karting compared to conventional type of karting.

Q) How much power does an E-kart have?

A) 50 V times maximum 200 A current makes 10 kW which equals 13,5 Hp.

Q) What is the maximum speed?

A) The maximum speed with the Thorq® Leisure kart is 80 Km/h.

Q) Do we get guarantee on the product?

A) Yes, 12 months on the complete kart with drive system for failure or breakage. For the battery system 2 years and/or 5.000 cycles of 10 A. See also the general sales and delivery conditions of EKC.

Q) What is the difference in handling and experience compared to combustion engine powered karts?

A) E-karts are well known and respected for their high torque (fast acceleration), no vibrations, no noise and no fumes. This will allow your customer to be fully concentrated and enjoy his ride.

Q) Why choose Electric Kart Company as your partner?

A) AKC has a wide range of experience in the field of Leisure karting. EKC can offer you all needed materials to run your business successfully. Karts, parts, barriers, remote control, safety clothing, timing system all can be purchased from 1 partner!

Q) What is the delivery time for a complete karting track?

A) AKC needs approximately 12-16 weeks for all materials to be delivered for equipping your complete track.

Q) What is the expected life time of Thorq® and its equipment?

A) The chassis would last roughly as long as the use for combustion powered karts, although less stress is expected through no vibrations. The motor needs an overhaul after a 1.000 – 1.500 hours, while the controller could last up to 2.500 hours. The charger could last up to 10 – 15 years of usage. The life time depends from track, surface, lay-out, barrier, speed and rules.

Q) What sort of innovations are to be expected from EKC?

A) AKC is continuously innovating. At the moment there are several topics in consideration and under construction: lighter battery pack with smaller dimensions, new type of Battery Management System, new bodywork, composite type of chassis, additional features of the remote control system, communication system and improvement of sliding pedal system in cast steel.